Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What's the Difference Between a Mechanical Makeover, a Basic Restoration and Complete Restoration/Replacement?

A Mechanical Makeover is a basic service to the sash window(s) that will get your windows functional again.  No cosmetic or significant repair work is done although we will do minor repairs to minor rotting wood.  Reglazing is not included.

Basic Restoration includes all the items of the Mechanical Makeover but in addition, we will do restoration or replacement of the sash, remove old glazing, reglaze the sash and repaint the window.

Complete Restoration and/or Replacement will include all the items in the Mechanical Makeover and the Basic Restoration.  For many sash windows and frames, repair may not be practical due to extensive damage or rot.  For Complete Restoration and/or Replacement, we will perform necessary replacement of all of the window and frame components and, if necessary, we will duplicate the original windows and parts utilizing the finest quality wood available.


Can You Install New Sash Windows Where Metal Windows Replaced the Old Sash Windows?

Many historic homes have had their old windows removed and replaced with aluminum frame windows, damaging the architectural integrity of the home or business.  We have the capability to recreate the original sash windows and replace the metal windows.

Wouldn't Replacing My Sash Windows With New "Energy Efficient" Windows Be A Better Option?

In my opinion, the answer is "no".  Economics and energy savings don't support the argument made by the modern window industry much less does it preserve the architectural character of a home or business.  "New" windows are not a "green" alternative when you consider how many antique windows and parts, that could have been preserved, go to the dump each year.  Here is a link to a very informative article on restoring wood sash windows vs. replacing them with new "energy efficient" windows.  Click here.  You may be surprised by what you read.